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Prevent and reduce stretch marks. Fast, effective.

Medical skin care cream with dexpanthenol, glycerin, vitamin B5, A, C, E.

✓ 100% Made in Germany

✓ Dermatologically tested

✓ Vegan & Cruelty Free

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Because you deserve it.

You train hard. You achieve success . You don't deserve stretch marks.

We founded Striazin because we train ourselves and got stretch marks as a result.

Right now this will finally end up here. We declared war on skin tears and developed and successfully tested the first treatment for stretch marks caused by muscle and mass gain.

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Are you taking whey protein? Excellent!

Your muscles need an increased protein intake to grow. BUT what many forget! Your skin also needs "supplements" to grow fast enough. Especially when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding , the skin quickly reaches its limits and there are tears in the tissue.

The red thing you see is your blood vessels , which are exposed by the tear in the connective tissue.

Why you need Striazin RipTech

To fade your stretch marks and prevent more, the tissue needs to be repaired and expanded.

Our formula contains key active ingredients, the collagen - and new cells promote beschleuningen the Fibroplastenwachstum and improve elasticity.

With our unique composition, we have been able to prove the fading and preventive effect with our own study . The results are sensational.

To the study

Visibly improves the appearance. Prevents.

Tested on 30 bodybuilders in the mass phase.

Striazin RipTech was only used on one side of the body. In this way, the development of stretch marks could be compared on both sides. All subjects noticed a visible improvement after a period of 4 weeks.

With vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, panthenol.

Learn more about our hero active ingredients.

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Massage Striazin RipTech twice a day for best results.

We recommend a treatment period of 4 - 12 weeks to get the best results. Our Hero ingredients need this time to develop their full effect. If you want to prevent new stretch marks from developing, use Striazin RipTech continuously.

Pro-Tip: Take pictures before and after to document your progress.

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Our seals of approval

100% Made in Germany

Many years of experience and top quality from Germany.

Awarded with Dermatest "very good"

Dermatest is one of the most respected institutes for product testing. It was tested for skin tolerance and contact allergies.

Free from cruelty

Cruelty Free is a label for products or activities that do not harm animals.

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Fast delivery

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Developed by experts

According to the current study situation, many years of experience and exceptional dedication

Successfully tested

Dermatest "very good". Positive impact study.

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