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Striazin Riptech

✓ With panthenol (dexpanthenol), glycerine, almond oil, vitamins A, C, E

✓ 100% Made in Germany

✓ DERMATEST® rating "very good"

✓ Vegan and cruelty free

Product description

Striazin Riptech is the anti-stretch mark cream for fitness and bodybuilding.
With our hand-picked active ingredients such as panthenol (dexpanthenol), glycerine, almond oil, vitamins A, C and E, we have developed the perfect preparation against stretch marks (Here more about the study).

The skin and it's connective tissue cannot always keep up with fast muscle growth or weight loss, they are often overstrained because their strength and elasticity are limited. If the skin is stressed too much, however, it can tear. These tears are recognizable by fine red or blue-violet lines on the skin, the so-called stretch marks. They are neither beautiful nor desirable, and the only thing that really helps against them is, besides good nutrition, the right care. Apply Striazin Riptech twice a day to all areas that are particularly at risk for stretch marks. The unpopular skin cracks are particularly common on the stomach, hips, biceps and thighs, as well as at the transition from breast to shoulder. The cream is easy to spread and is quickly absorbed. The effect can be further increased by massaging it in with a plucking massage.


Prevention effect: Ø 4.8/5 customer satisfaction score

Fading effect: Ø 4.2/5 customer satisfaction score

How long do I have to apply? What results can I expect?

Everyone has an individual skin structure, therefore the cream works differently with each person.

For a preventive effect, we recommend using Striazin Riptech continuously once a day.

For the best possible fading effect, we recommend thickly applying and massaging Striazin Riptech twice a day for 3 months.

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